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An Interactive Journey into Consciousness

In a world away from lecture theatres and textbooks, Consciousness (Saturday 2 March) brought together the world of contemporary music and academia for an evening of music, specially conceived visuals, and interactive experience as art and neuroscience collided in the Barbican Hall, part of our Wonder season.

Led by Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford and BBC presenter, Marcus du Sautoy, with a soundtrack by British electronic DJ – and former student of Mathematics at Oxford – James Holden, this unique performance lecture took the audience into a journey into our consciousness.


From altered states to the networks of the brain, Consciousness guided the audience on a quest into the mind through music and scientific concepts against a backdrop of visuals by Soho based studio one of us, taken from Wellcome Trust’s archive footage.

Explore the fascinating history of the most mysterious organ in our brand new interactive resource, as we break down the five chapters of Marcus du Sautoy’s Consciousness online.


Consciousness was part of Wonder: Art & Science on the Brain, a season in collaboration with Wellcome Trust inspired by where art and neuroscience collide. Find out more about the season:

Listen to highlights from the Consciousness soundtrack on the Barbican Contemporary Music February podcast with James Holden

Photography: Jana Chiellino