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The latest content and news from the Barbican. Book tickets at

Inside the Barbican Music Box

‘There’ll be days when you’re bursting with ideas and you just want to play the piano or play the drum or write down lyrics…’

Inspired by the life of adventuring music collector and folklorist Alan Lomax, the inaugural Barbican Music Box arrived in schools around East London, inciting the same adventurous and inquisitive spirit in students as they used the contents of the Box to compose their own music, culminating in a performance in the Barbican Hall.

We talk to the creators of the Barbican Music Box from Barbican and Guildhall Creative Learning, curator Sam Mumford and students from Clapton Girls’ Academy, Petchey Academy and Bridge Academy about their experiences opening the Barbican Music Box.

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Photos: Camilla Greenwell

The Barbican Box Music Project is in partnership with Hackney Music Service. The project is supported by UBS, J Paul Getty Jr Charitable Trust, Citi, Linklaters LLP and Sumitomo Corporation Europe Ltd.

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