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Meet our resident artists


Hisham Bharoocha and Patten

pic 3
Hisham Bharoocha  is a Brooklyn-based artist, photographer and musician known in the underground music scene as the founding member of the bands Lightning Bolt and Black Dice. Since leaving Black Dice, Bharoocha has created Soft Circle and has collaborated with other artists including: Doug Aitken for the latter’s installation Sleepwalkers (2007) at the Museum of Modern Art (New York) and Boredoms during the 77 BOADRUM performance, of which he was musical director.

For Station to Station, Bharoocha comes together with London exploratory project patten for the first time to create a new score in the Art Gallery’s Music Studio, utilising the sounds from the Barbican environment and the fabric of the building, which will be pressed on-site in a limited edition vinyl.


Abraham Brody


Abraham Brody is a London-based performance and conceptual artist as well as a classically trained violinist. His oeuvre introduces the violin into the genre of performance art and explores the participation of the audience in live performance. In ‘The Artist is Present’ for example – a 6 hour performance recently premiered at the Fondation Beyeler in Basel with Marina Abramovic – Brody invited members of the public to sit in front of him while he created musical improvisations in response to their eye contact.

For Station to Station, Abraham Brody is performing Ancestors and Soul Alchemy II, two 6 hour performances which explore notions of ritual, shamanism and higher states of consciousness. In Ancestors, Brody will perform Slavic and Baltic folk music and rituals alongside Lithuanian folk singers Trys Keturiose. By performing these rituals – which use wheat, amber dust and wildflowers – Brody will attempt to reconnect with his ancestral roots. In Soul Alchemy II, the artist invites you the public to experience his musical improvisations and interact with him and with each other. Participants are invited to paint thoughts, reflections and feelings on the canvas in the space.


 Ann Van den Broek Ann Van Den Broek 1

Belgian choreographer Ann Van den Broek uses her Station to Station residency to research and develop work for a new production that will be premiered at the Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Rotterdam in November 2015. With an approach to movement that has been described as ‘emotional minimalism’, Van den Broek combines movement with soundscapes, creating compelling, repetitive and rhythmic forms. This is an unmissable opportunity to see the choreographer at work with her team of dancers, a singer, composer and cameraman.

The company will present a unique ticketed performance of The Black Piece on Thursday 2 July.


Marcus Coates

Coates Linosa Close

Marcus Coates  is a London-based artist, shaman, ornithologist and naturalist, known for his explorations of metamorphosis through films and performances.

For Station to Station, Coates presents Answer Painting, a residency in which he offers his services as a painter to the public. Visit Coates’s painting studio (Saturday-Wednesday throughout Station to Station) in which the artist will consult with members of the public and create a body of work that attempts to answer the questions they pose him. Come and post your own question to Marcus or sign up to one of the pre-arranged consultations to take part. A selected number of drop-in sessions will be available on each day. Those fortunate enough to have their questions picked will be invited to attend at a specific time to discuss the painting and its answer with Coates. Sign up on our website!

By the end of the run of Station to Station Coates’ studio will be packed with the works he has created.


Martin Creed

Martin Creed. Photo by Hugo Glendinning

Martin Creed is one of the UK’s most acclaimed and best loved artists. His work spans painting, sculpture, music, installation and film.

During his residency in Station to Station Creed will create a dance performance in response to painting he will have made during his first day in residence. Additionally, in response to dance, Martin Creed will work on sound and rehearse songs with a 5 piece band. The result of this organic way of working will be shown on 11 July (19h30-22h) – a live ticketed performance that will include dancers and music.



Erika M. Anderson of EMA

Erika Anderson , a.k.a EMA, is a musician and multimedia artist based in Portland. EMA is interested in pop culture language and works with her live band or with hybrid texts designed for sites that creatively repurpose the tools of the internet. During Station to Station, EMA will be in residence in the Art Gallery Music Studio for two days (Sunday 5 July- Tuesday 7 July).

On 7th July EMA will perform I Wanna Destroy (Sacred Objects from Suburban Homes) in a living room setting, a live music score performed alongside an immersive Oculus Rift virtual reality environment. Audiences will be able to explore this changing 3D environment while their own experiences are filmed and ricocheted live onto the walls of the gallery. But what exactly is a ‘Sacred Object’ from a suburban home? According to EMA, ‘suburban’ is a state of mind rather than a geography. ‘Sacred Objects’ can be practical or decorative, old or new, the TV remote or Grandma’s place settings, a new tech gadget or a high school sports trophy.

Throughout the residency, visitors can stop by and bring in objects, pictures, descriptions or drawings for inclusion in EMA’s performance on 7th July. Worldwide submissions are also encouraged via email to


Liz Glynn

Liz Glynn

Resident through the run of Station to Station, Liz Glynn is a Los Angeles based installation and performance artist who is widely exhibited in the United States but is little known here in the UK. The Corcoran Gallery of Art, Washington staged a one-person exhibition of her work in autumn 2014 and Glynn has also recently staged an ongoing cycle of performances at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. Her work was also included in Performa 11 in New York.

Come and share in the magic of her Model Universe, Glynn’s specially conceived yurt installation which changes and expands, moving from the Big Bang theory to Hubble’s expanding universe, and beyond. Glynn’s yurt was enjoyed by thousands of people as part of Station in Station in the US in 2013. The dimly lit structure includes a maze of felt walls, with chalk drawings accumulating over the course of the performative lectures given by the artist.


Mike Figgis

MIke Figgis 1 - crop

Mike Figgis is an Oscar nominated writer, director and composer at the forefront of digital filmmaking. Figgis started out in experimental theatre (The People Show) and music, before going on to direct over 20 feature films and documentaries such as the acclaimed Timecode (2000) and Leaving Las Vegas (1995). He has also created photographic experimental work for advertising campaigns, published books about screen writing, and taught at universities internationally.

During his residency, Figgis will be making a new film. Come and see this internationally acclaimed film-maker in action.


Trajal Harrell

_6XX3251 header crop

New York-based choreographer Trajal Harrell is one of the most talked about choreographers and dancers of his generation.

Throughout his work, Harrell confronts the history, construction and interpretation of contemporary dance. See Harrell and his dancers develop and rehearse a new work Return of the Modern Dance during their week-long residency ; tune in to a Harrell talking about his work during an ‘in conversation’; witness short pop-up performances of the new piece; and get a hold of a ticket for the first UK performance of Judson Church is Ringing in Harlem (Made-to-Measure)/Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (M2M) on Friday 17 July.


Mica Levi and Eliza McCarthy

Mica Levi photo Steven Legere_LR - crop

Mica Levi is a critically acclaimed songwriter, composer and producer; known for her maverick boundary-blurring music she calls ‘experimental pop’.

Levi started playing and composing at the age of four and has followed a classical training at Purcell School and Guildhall School of Music. Although she has received commissions from the London Philarmonic Orchestra and the London Sinfonietta she is just as drawn to the U.K’s grime and garage scene. Her band Micachu & The Shapes – known for its experiments in non-standard tunings, extensive distortion and use of found-object elements – has toured widely throughout the U.K. Levi’s BAFTA nominated soundtrack for Jonathan Glazer’s film Under the Skin took inspiration from John Cage, Iannis Xenakis as well as strip-club music and euphoric dance.

For Station to Station Levi is joined by musician Eliza McCarthy for two days of rehearsals with the Moog Soundlab UK prior to a live performance in the Art Gallery on Saturday 18 July, where they will premiere 6 new pieces.

Eliza McCarthy is a pianist, specialising in 20th century classical and experimental music, winner of both prizes at the British Contemporary Piano Competition (2013).




Julie Campbell (aka LoneLady) is a Manchester-based musician whose music merges the economy, inventiveness and energy of British post punk with dance and funk elements. Her latest album Hinterland (2015) was inspired by the red-brick mills and factories that populate the Mancunian suburbs.

During her five-day Recording Studio residency at Station to Station LoneLady will be developing music and visuals, conceived and inspired by the Barbican’s Brutalist architecture and monolithic concrete form. The residency will end with an intimate yet enthralling late-night ticketed audio-visual performance in the Art Gallery on 10th July, in conjunction with Warp Records.


Haroon Mirza & Factory Floor

FF photo2015

London based artist Haroon Mirza  has won international acclaim for installations that test the interplay between sound, light waves and electric current.

For Station to Station, Mirza and post-industrial electronic producers Factory Floor occupy the Recording Studio for the first week-long residency, developing and recording new tracks combining beats, synthesisers, electricity, video and noise.

Haroon Mirza will also present on Friday 3rd July a re-making of The Calling with composer Shiva Feshareki. This installation-performance continues Mirza’s interest in the production and reception of ‘sound that forms image’ and vice versa. The piece combines light, visuals and live performance by soprano Sarah-Jane Lewis and cellist Colin Alexander. Mirza joins Factory Floor to follow with a live set of their clinical post-industrial approach to dance music.


Fraser Muggeridge

Station To Station, A 30 Day Happening Opening Weekend - Day 2

Fraser Muggeridge Studio is a London-based graphic design company which will be bringing their elegantly pared-down aesthetic to Station to Station. During their residency Fraser Muggeridge studio and Friends will create Inky Lab, a pop-up graphic design studio where they will be making wallpaper; investigating typography; and designing limited edition vinyl sleeves for the vinyl records pressed on-site.

Come and speak to Fraser and his collaborators, get involved and maybe buy one of the records with a sleeve of his design.

Fraser Muggeridge Studio frequently work with Barbican and have also designed all the Station to Station to graphics.


New Movement Collective and ScanLAB Projects with Oliver Coates

New Movement Collective is a London-based dance group known for turning dance on its head, challenging the conventions of perception, engaging with their audiences and blurring the boundaries between dance, architecture, film and music.

For their residency at Station to Station, New Movement Collective develop new work in collaboration cellist Oliver Coates and 3D data capture specialist ScanLab Projects, also known for working at the intersection of technology, science and art. Inspired by life cycles, archaeology and new technology, New Movement Collective’s research opens the creative process to the public and incorporates a trail of intriguing objects, a daily-changing audio guide and a 3D scanner making live 3D scans of the rehearsals and rematerializing them throughout the residency. The company will present their research with accompanying visuals and sound by Oliver Coates, with a short performance from 5pm – 5.30pm, followed by a Q&A from 5.30 – 6pm from Thursday 23 to Sunday 26 July.

The residency is supported using public funding by Arts Council England, the Polish Cultural Institute and Richard Thomas Foundation.



Nozinja Header crop
Nozinja is an artist, electronic music producer, and DJ, based in the Limpopo province of South Africa, and credited with the creation and popularisation of the ‘Shangaan Electro’ genre of African dance music. He is influenced by traditional folk, Tsonga disco, Kwaito house and township backstreet dance styles from his home region.

During his three-day residency at Station to Station, Nozinja invites guest musicians into the studio to collaborate on new tracks, and recreates his low-tech studio in order to make unique Shaangan Electro sound. Nozinja will showcase his invigorating future-facing dance music for a special evening event on Thursday 23 July (19h30) in collaboration with WARP DJs.


Albert Oehlen

Oehlen_Portrait_Schultz-Berndt - resize jpeg
Albert Oehlen  is a German painter with an international following. He studied in Hamburg under Sigmar Polke until 1981. In the 1980s, Oehlen began incorporating abstract and figurative elements, partly as a reaction to popular Neo-Expressionist aesthetic. The collision of abstraction and figuration is still an important element in Oehlen’s oeuvre but, for over a decade now, Oehlen has been working on computer generated images. His practice therefore often combines the use of brushes, fingers and collage with technology.

During Station to Statio,  Oehlen will be in residence for one day only (2 July), conducting an unmissable live painting performance in the gallery. Expect the unexpected.


Charlemagne Palestine

Charlemagne Palestine photo Paul Heartfield
Charlemagne Palestine is an American experimental musician, composer, performer and multimedia artist. His formal training as a cantor and carillonneur influenced his intense, ritualistic compositions which are centered on layered overtones, hypnotic rhythms and electronic drones. His performances are often shamanistic and overtly spiritual in nature.

For Station to Station, Charlemagne Palestine will be creating a new composition on Moog synthesizers while surrounded by his ever present cadre of stuffed animals (12th July, 12-6pm).


Iain Forsyth & Jane Pollard

In their award winning debut feature directors Iain Forsyth and Jane Pollard fuse drama and documentary by weaving a cinematically staged day in Nick Cave’s life with never-before-seen verité observation of his full creative cycle.  The film delves into Cave’s artistic processes, unpicking the stuff that makes him tick.

For Station-to-Station, Forsyth and Pollard make a new work inspired by John Milton’s Paradise Lost, using the architecture and atmosphere of the Barbican. Forsyth and Pollard can be seen working on the film sporadically and film rushes will be randomly screened in the gallery during the latter half of Station to Station. The finished piece will premiere in the Gallery on the last day of the project with an opportunity to hear Forsyth and Pollard talk about their latest creation.

In Barbican cinema, on Thursday 23 July we will be showing 20,000 Days on Earth, followed by a Q&A with the artists.


Terry Riley
Terry Riley.Header cropTerry Riley, the legendary American minimalist composer and electronic music pioneer, will be in residence at Station to Station when visitors will be given an unprecedented opportunity to witness the composer’s creative process during his daily rehearsals in the Projection Room. Riley will be rehearsing a new piece for children’s choir, toy pianos, brass and percussion, culminating with a premiere in the Barbican Concert Hall. Riley will also rehearse works for piano, synthesizers and electronics within the projection room, working with our resident VJ-DJ, Austin Meredith to create an encompassing experience of music and visuals.


Tal R

Station To Station, A 30 Day Happening Opening Weekend - Day 1

Tal R is a Copenhagen-based painter, turned printmaker, who brings his woodblock printing studio Rosa Pagoda to Station to Station. A growing body of beautiful magenta prints will be made and sold at the Gallery shop for £45 on a first-come, first-serve basis. During the weekend, visitors are welcome to sip on pink lemonade while they observe the printing process.

On the opening Saturday of Station to Station, Tal R will be in residence in his ‘Artist Problem’ tent.


Anri Sala

Anri_Sala_07_© Jutta Benzenberg
Sound and music are central to the work of contemporary Berlin-based artist Anri Sala (1974, Tirana, Albania). In this new commission, Sala merges two globally celebrated melodies – The Internationale, otherwise known as the workers’ anthem and La Marseillaise, the renowned French anthem. Before Pierre Degeyter set The Internationale in 1888 to the music it currently uses, for seventeen years the lyrics were sung to the melody of La Marseillaise, which explains their affinity. The merging of both songs, composed of the simultaneous notes of both melodies, will be made possible by the overtone singer Anna-Maria Hefele’s capacity to sing two tones at once. By continuously trading the overtone and the fundamental notes between the songs, she weaves both melodies into one, compelling the audience to oscillate between the two and creating an eerie uncanny feeling.


Siobhan Davies Company

Manual 2013 by Siobhan Davies Dance, taken at GoMA, Glasgow, Photo -®Alan Dimmick, courtesy Glasgow Life (Museums)

Siobhan Davies Dance is a London-based investigative arts organisation that stimulates new thinking based on a more contemporary definition of choreography.

For Station to Station, Siobhan Davies Dance transform their residency space into a laboratory for research, conversation and development to embark upon the making of a new co-authored work investigating what we feel when we are in the action of doing. Drawing collaborators from the fields of visual arts, dance, architecture, neurophysiology and neuroscience, each day will feature a conversation from 2pm with an invited special guest from a different discipline. Running parallel to the residency, dance artist Helka Kaski will perform interactive work Manual throughout the gallery inviting visitors to help her stand from a lying down position using a series of verbal instructions.

Zahed Sultan

Zahed Sultan is a Kuwait-based multimedia artist and social entrepreneur who seeks to further the development of ‘collaborative communities’ in the Arab World, through interactive social programs and artistic platforms.

During his residency at Station to Station Sultan captures sounds within and around the space, conversations with other artists in residence and gallery visitors, that are transformed into audio-visual material incorporated in his live immersive performance on Thursday 16 July.