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Barbican Radio GuestMix #2: Vaghe Stelle

This autumn, we’re going electric.

For our Electronic Music Experiences series, we’re taking electronic music out of its comfort zone as we experience the innovative and the experimental work emerging from this exciting generation of artists.

As an introduction to Italian New Wave, we invited Vaghe Stelle – also known as Daniele Mana – to create a special Guest Mix. With his mutant electronica falling outside any pre-ordained genre and an imagination running free in the dark between R&B romance and pneumatic grime – it seemed the ideal opener for us to delve into his record collection with this exclusive playlist.

Listener’s Notes
Not Waving – Two-Way Mirror
I would start softly with a track from Not Waving, the latest project of the hyperactive Alessio Natalizia.

Donato Dozzy – Vaporware 1
I consider Donato Dozzy as a Maestro of the Italian contemporary music scene, and this is an example of his great taste and elegance.

Primitive Art – Problems
I love this organic drums dub exploration from Primitive Art, two super talented guys based in Milan and affiliated to one of the most interesting Italian labels, Hundebiss.

OOBE is one of the most talented producers in this area, his genuine approach makes his music absolutely original. This is just an example of his slowed down rave imaginary.

Haf Haf – Notch
We’re slowly moving to more dance oriented music with this crazy hip hop influenced track. Haf Haf’s sound is so weirdly spaced that it makes his music unique.

Simbiosi – Impari
Almost unknown at the moment, they will make people talk about their ridiculously good beats very soon.

Lory D – Acidronix
Lory D is one of the most important personalities of the early nineties rave scene in Rome. Alongside people like D’Arcangelo brothers, he made Reflex Records fall in love with his music, publishing ‘The Sound Never Seen’. A real gem of Italian underground music.

Lorenzo Senni – Windows of Vulnerability
Let’s boost the epicness with one of best songs from the master of pointillistic trance, Lorenzo Senni.

Valerio Tricoli – La Distanza
I think it was necessary to include some electro-acoustic music in this playlist full of synthesizers and drum machines.

DYD – Y Factor

After almost 50 minutes of experimental music and pointillistic melodies, I wanna leave you some good pop vibes with a band from Turin, DYD who released their very first EP on Gang Of Ducks.

About Vaghe Stelle
Daniele Mana’s roots in the emerging Italian production scene run deep – he’s also a member of production group One Circle with fellow nationals Lorenzo Senni and A:RA- and place him at its centre. His is a clear, utterly contemporary voice with a unique relation and keen ear to the relevant past.
Intrigued? Take a listen to his seven-track recording, ‘Abstract Speed + Sound’, released on Nicolas Jaar’s label, Other People.

Bringing Robin Fox and Atom TM: Double Vision to a close, Vaghe Stelle and the Club to Club DJs present a special set on Thursday 24 September at Village Underground.