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Audio For Travelling To, Or From, The World of Charles and Ray Eames

Travel to a place of enthusiastic and tireless experimentation, innovation and play, where design is a way of life in this audio exploration of The World of Charles and Ray Eames.

They would design things for themselves but the trick is, they would design it for the universal part of themselves. Not that little percent where we’re all different, but that more important percentage where we’re all basically the same. Eames Demetrios

From the playful practices of the Eames Office to the adaptable designs of the Eames House, lessons, filmmaking and performance, chairs, architecture and leg splints – we speak to The World of Charles and Ray Eames curator Catherine Ince, assistant curator Lotte Johnson and director of the Eames Office, and one of the Eameses grandchildren, Eames Demetrios, alongside archive audio from the Eameses work.

Download and start your exploration of the Eameses world:

The World of Charles and Ray Eames is open until 14 February 2016 in the Barbican Art Gallery, London.

Producer: Tamsin Hughes
Production Company: Loftus Media
Archive audio has been excerpted from the following films: Powers of Ten © 1977 Eames Office, LLC; Toccata for Toy Trains © 1957 Eames Office, LLC; Day of the Dead © 1957 Eames Office, LLC; Tops © 1967 Eames Office, LLC; Aquarium © 1967 Eames Office, LLC; A Communications Primer © Eames Office, LLC; Computer Glossary © Eames Office, LLC; Design Q&A © Eames Office, LLC

Photo: Tristan Fewings, Getty Images

The World of Charles and Ray Eames, developed in collaboration with the Eames Office, is made possible through support from the Terra Foundation for American Art.