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Barbican Radio GuestMix #3: Marcus du Sautoy

Do you remember your first time…listening to classical music?

Mathematician, Mind Games host and music lover Professor Marcus du Sautoy shares some classical music moments throughout his life in our first Sound Unbound Guest Mix.

Messiaen Turangalila-Symphonie: V Joie du sang des etoiles
This was a piece that I got the chance to play one Saturday in my youth orchestra. I play trumpet and Messiaen writes great trumpet parts.

Holst, Planets
This was the first ever classical music record I ever bought. Sometimes it helps when getting into classical music to have a story to connect with the music.

Bach, Cello Suites
I am currently learning the cello. I love new challenges and my dream is to be able to play these cello suites one day.

Mahler, Second Symphony
I was a big Mahler fan when I first got into classical music so much so that I asked for a facsimile of Mahler’s edition of the Second Symphony for my 18th birthday.

Shostakovich, Symphony Number 5
My music teacher at my comprehensive school got me into Shostakovich. Turns out Shostakovich was also a big football fan too (supporting Zenit Leningrad) so multiple reasons to love Shostakovich.

Saint-Saens, Danse Macabre
My mum always used to stick this on the night of Halloween and me and my sister would dance round the house in our Halloween costumes before going Trick or Treating

Janacek, Sinfonietta
If you’re a trumpet player then you have to love the opening of this piece.

Flor Peeters, Missa Festiva
I did a lot of choral singing as well as playing trumpet when I was at school. I sang this with the County Youth Choir in Magdalen College in Oxford. Magical.

Mozart, Magic Flute
I fell in love with opera at a very early age. I remember going to see a puppet version of the Magic Flute. The puppets were a bit rubbish but the music was electric.

Wagner, Parsifal
Opera companies used to visit Oxford regularly and Wagner very quickly won me over. It’s those trumpet parts again.

Marcus will be speaking as part of the Sound Unbound talks & debates programme on Sunday morning, exploring the links between music and maths.

Sound Unbound takes place around the Barbican on Saturday 31 October and Sunday 1 November.