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Bedwyr Williams: The Gulch

Opening in September 2016, the gallery of The Curve is transformed into a series of theatrical installations by Welsh artist Bedwyr Williams for The Gulch, his first solo show in a public space in London. Drawing from the vertiginous gorge-like form of the Curve, Williams plays on the sinuous nature of the space to create scenes conceived to transport and disorient the viewer.

The 90-metre long gallery becomes a journey that summons fantastical visions and imagined plots as visitors are confronted by a depressed hypnotist, a talking goat and a pair of singing running shoes. Williams subverts any expectations of conventional narrative by creating a series of physical and metaphorical twists, inviting the audience to stage their own performances. The Gulch brings visitors into the winding space, navigating from one seemingly disparate scene to the next as they encounter various protagonists along this surreal voyage.

Representing Wales at the Venice Biennale in 2013, Williams’s subversive and endearing style became apparent with previous works such as The Starry Messenger (2013), a video installation documenting the occasional sobbing of an amateur astronomer. His practice encompasses a diverse range of mediums, including performance, sculpture, painting and video, often drawing on the banalities of his own life to produce immersive installations. Williams’s tales range from the absurd and extraordinary to the mind-numbingly ordinary; and visitors are invited to share his curiosity, awkwardness, anger and delight in the world as we are drawn into the compelling scenarios he conjures.


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Bedwyr Williams: The Gulch is open from 29 September 2016 – 8 January 2017 in The Curve. Free admission.