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Barbican GuestMix: Ragnar Kjartansson

‘I am obsessed by music, I live with music constantly… Music has been used through the ages to make wars or soothe people. Music is a very direct form, both very friendly and very violent…’

Within moments of passing through the Art Gallery doors, it’s clear that music plays a key role in Ragnar Kjartansson’s exhibition. From the sounds of the guitar-playing troubadours of Take Me Here by the Dishwasher: Memorial for a Marriage, to The National’s raw and emotive repetitive performance in A Lot of Sorrow, a crooning Ragnar, surrounded by plush pink curtains in God or a house filled with haunting and beautiful orchestrations in the 9-screen installation, The Visitors – music follows you throughout Ragnar Kjartansson, and stays with you long after you leave.

And so, it would be foolish of us not to ask Ragnar Kjartansson to create a playlist for us. Like his work, prepare for an eclectic mix, drawing from an impressively wide range of musical genres, but all thoughtfully chosen and meaningful in their own way.


Ragnar Kjartansson takes place in the Art Gallery until Sunday 4 September.

Want to listen to more? Head to our online Ragnar Kjartansson shop for books, CDs and vinyl related to the exhibition, including a limited edition of The Visitors.

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David Greening

I have been to the exhibition about 6 or 7 times. I love the 6 hour video of the National playing the lovely song “Sorrow” for 6 hours at the MOMS. Such a great idea as they change the song as they experiment and also get tired. I gather at some piint that the singer loses it! I love the take by the dishwasher song also .. I have finally learnt to play it but the strumming is tricky. Its a great exhibition and I find some more levels in it every time I go. Ragnar’s mind somewhat in a different space, like another dimension. Go see it, experience it.

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