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Guest Picks: Whyte Horses

This May, enigmatic psych group Whyte Horses invite you on a kaleidoscopic journey through the world of their debut album, Pop or Not – with the help of some special guests.

With friends and family augmenting their ranks – including La Roux, The Go! Team, Badly Drawn Boy, Josefin Öhrn, Stealing Sheep and St Bartholomews Choir – Whyte Horses combine film and music to create a mind-expanding collage akin to The Velvet Underground’s multi-sensory experiments in Andy Warhol’s Factory.

To get us in the mood, Whyte Horses’ Dom Thomas shares some of the favourite tracks by the friends who’ll be joining the band on stage for this special gig.


Badly Drawn Boy

Cause A Rockslide: ‘Bedroom Hacienda anthem, a truly original piece of music.’

I Need A Sign: ‘Lennon lineage and double meanings. Damon and Ian Parton are the best melody writers I know.’

I Saw You Walk Away: ‘Massively ignored single from ‘It’s What I’m Thinking’ album.’

This Is That New Song: ‘Damon’s fingerpicking guitar playing has always been a wonder to behold, on top form here with this Tom Wilson influenced arrangement.’

La Roux

Bulletproof: ‘Massive hooky pop music and the best synth pop song of a generation, a perfectly crafted 3 minute song that had to be a hit.’

In For The Kill: ‘An obvious choice, but its hard to write instant pop songs that feel like they’ve always existed. This is one of those.’

Let Me Down Gently: ‘Reminds me of parts of The Chromatics album, soundtrack to an aerial camera view of a smog filled LA scene.’

Silent Partner: ‘Italo arpeggiated R ’n B, with traces of early Madonna.’
Stealing Sheep
Apparition: ‘Lysergic cotton-cloud dream music with amazing video.’

She: ‘Euphoric bubblegum collage cut-up that keeps shifting unexpectedly’

Circles: ‘Reminds me of an American band called Lights who incidentally had 3 female vocalists, sweet desert folk melodies via Liverpool.’

Love: ‘The synth on this reminds me of ‘Monkey Magic’, this embodies the Stealing Sheep signature sound; half scared, half optimistic, all good.’
Josefin Ohrn

Rainbow Lollipop: ‘I love the French delivery on this, my favourite track off Mirage.’

Rushing Through My Mind: ‘I cast Wig (our percussionist) in this video, a wonderful radiotastic inner monologue.’

Anything So Bright: ‘Deceptively catchy song with some kind of fake harmonium sound that pulls you right in.’

Sister Green Eyes: ‘An opium den ode to Invasion of Thunderbolt Pagoda?’
St Bartholomews Choir

She Owns The World: ‘I remember when the children first sang this to us it made it feel like a song from another place’

Elusive Mister Jimmy: ‘My favourite cover by the choir, they really bring the innocence and confusion of the protagonist out of the song.’

Alone at Last: ‘With added melodies! Melodrama sung by children.’

Back To Earth: ‘Apocalyptic but hopeful piano rendition of my personal favourite Whyte Horses song from Pop or Not.’

The Go! Team
Song for Heaven’s Gate: ‘A song that would have been a Number 1 in a perfect world, impeccable melody and a clever concept, perfect pop.’

Pocket Money Rodeo: ‘Calming, early GT action that feels like The Adventures of Tom Sawyer soundtracked by Papa M.’

Buy Nothing Day: ‘Bethany from Best Coast and Go Team seamlessly deliver a sunburnt West Coast banger.’

The Ice Storm: ‘Philip Glass and Snoopy in equal measure, completely optimistic and unafraid.’


Whyte Horses Experience takes place on Thu 11 May