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Instagrammer in Residence: Adeola Adeko

Monday 15 January 2018

Our Instagrammer in Residence project invites emerging Instagrammers from around London to experience life at the Barbican and share their photography on our social channels and also in a digital exhibition throughout the Centre.

Our January Instagrammer in Residence is Adeola (@hrsdee), whose Instagram feed adds a splash of colour in our daily life.

We talk to her about her photography style and …

How would you describe your style of photography?

I haven’t completely found my ‘style’ yet, however I love capturing candid moments with a hint of ‘soul’.  I also like to experiment with abstraction. Ultimately I aim to tell stories without words through my photography.

What inspires you about the Barbican and its neighbourhood?

The Brutalist architecture coupled with the peace, sanctuary and the allure it holds within. The idiosyncrasies of its art, culture and character plus the moments that go unnoticed (by most) and the way light falls on various areas in and around the Barbican creating wonderful shadows is magnificent and inspiring in itself. One could quite easily spend hours discovering new things here, even if you’ve been a hundred times.

‘I aim to tell stories without words through my photography’

What makes a good picture?

As subjective as photography can be, a good photograph is one that evokes emotion, sparks curiosity and or intrigues the viewer – keeping them drawn longer than just a couple of seconds.

Essentially a story you create from a moment in time, that can be interpreted by others. It doesn’t particularly have to be in pin sharp focus, or perfectly exposed but as long as there are elements of the aforementioned present, you’re on to a winner. Oh and good light works magic, Lol!

Which one of your photos are you most proud of, and why?

Probably this one, which I actually took with my iPhone.

I wasn’t having the best of days, it was raining cats and dogs and was really cold.  I was just sat in my car, when I noticed a yellow coat which quite obviously stood out against the dull greys and browns, so I quickly got my phone and voila.  The cherry on top is that the image was noticed by Apple, and actually still remains my most commented on photograph.

Which five Instagram accounts should everyone follow?

@eniolaalakija – Eniola is a documentary style wedding photographer, he captures moments that would otherwise go amiss really well. He has a lovely sense of colour which makes his work pop and his black and white images are equally as stunning.

@lakudavies – I met Laku about 2 months into my photography journey (early 2017), she was extremely sweet and gave loads of sound advice and she’s still very supportive and encouraging. Her beautiful travel photography gives you nothing but travel envy, and makes one want to book a flight right there and then. She also captures London landmarks really well, is a keen portrait photographer and her captions always make me giggle.

@femsta – Femi, really friendly and down to earth. His Instagram feed is a mixed bag of really cool images with consistent quality, I’m particularly fond of his architecture and reflection work.

@joshkjack –  Josh is a genius with the camera, and has a seriously good eye. His work is stunning! His genre of interest is street photography and I’m in awe of the way he is able to turn a simple scene into a piece of fine art.

@imaniclovis – Imani is a visual artist – his minimalist style is what draws one to his Instagram feed, it has a calming feel. He also produces really beautiful portraits which are reminiscent of film photography.

I know you asked for 5 but I’m going to be a bit cheeky and also give a special mention to Yemi – @yemidavis – He is a super talented 3D and motion designer and takes a real good portrait.

Follow us on Instagram @barbicancentre to see more of Adeola’s photography in the coming weeks.