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#AnotherKindOfLife x LensCulture Competition

To celebrate our exhibition ‘Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins‘, we launched an Instagram competition in collaboration with LensCulture. We asked photographers, new and established, to celebrate the themes from our exhibition, which follows the lives of individuals and communities operating on the fringes of society from America to India, Chile to Nigeria.

‘The concept of the margin or the fringe is always a relative one. Where one world ends, another is just beginning; what we see as the centre can just as well be the periphery from different point of view ‘- Alex Strecker, LensCulture

With a judging panel consisting of Alona Pardo (Another Kind of Life curator), Alex Strecker (Managing Editor at LensCulture) and Maisie Skidmore (Digital Editor at AnOther), the three winning photos were carefully chosen for their composition, style, and of course, story.

Alex Strecker, LensCulture: These three images, chosen through the truly global reach of Instagram, emphasize this point—they come to us from Australia, Scotland, and the United States.  

A different kind of work I do is documentary photography, and most of the time the images are very personal to the families so I never publish them, but as I was reading about the Photography Competition organised by @lensculture and @barbicancentre with the theme 'Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins', I immediately felt that I should publish an image of my beautiful friend Mandi, she is happy to share this image I made a few weeks ago, and this is her quote : " Again part of the too large minority, hair gone but love here to stay " #AnotherKindOfLife #lensculture #photography #competition #doco #anotherkindoflife #barbican #exhibition #photographer #photograph #blackandwhite #documentaryphotography #documentary

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In the first, on the other side of the world, a woman puts the finishing touches on shaving her head. She realises she is in a minority but as she puts it ‘hair gone but love here to stay’.

Alex Strecker, LensCulture: Closer to home, we find a couple pursuing the ‘Mod Life’, a popular subculture that hearkens back to 1950s. Mixing vintage fashion with a love of scooters, they remind us that lifestyles are sometimes imposed on people by external circumstances and other times pursued with a passion by their own adherents.

Alex Strecker, LensCulture: In the last photograph, we come face to face with an itinerant sign painter in Florida, whose weathered features could fit as well in a Walker Evans picture from the last century. He takes a pause from his own image-making to pose for a portrait, giving us the time to think about what kind of life etched his features so deeply. 


Head to the Centre to see the three winning photos on display on our plasma screens.

Another Kind of Life: Photography on the Margins‘ is in our Art Gallery ‪until 27 May.‬ Visit ‪‬ to hear about the stories behind the photos.