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An open rehearsal with Gustavo Dudamel

What happened when an orchestra of over 100 young players from East London and Los Angeles took part in an open rehearsal with Gustavo Dudamel inside the Barbican Theatre?

The Future of Music

Last week, the Barbican Centre and LA Phil presented a symposium about the future of music education. Future Play was a three-day gathering which began with an introductory speech by the conductor and composer John Adams (pictured below), and culminated in an open rehearsal for 100 young players in the Barbican Theatre, led by Gustavo Dudamel. 


Here, we feature some of the key speeches from the symposium. (There’s much more to follow in the coming days, including a film of the open rehearsal led by Dudamel). 

The conductor and composer John Adams opened the symposium with an introductory speech. He’s introduced by the Barbican’s Director of Creative Learning, Sean Gregory:


Future Play Highlights

As part of the LA Philharmonic Orchestra’s first residency at the Barbican, we presented a three-day symposium Future Play: Music Systems in the 21st Century, bringing together leading music institutions, experts, artists and educators to help us envision the future of music education.

In our short film, we capture the enthusiasm of the inspiring words from the conductors and institutions and the children who have felt the positive effects of music education on their lives. To quote composer John Adams, “every child wants to be creative”, a statement that is perfectly demonstrated by the performances from some of Barbican and Guildhall Creative Learning projects including Future Band and Drum Works.

We also speak to the attendees of the symposium as the seeds are planted, ready to lead us into a new era of music education for young people.

The most important thing is the access, not only to music… but to the possibility to be close to beauty" Gustavo Dudamel on the importance of music education.

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